“Whether we like it or not, we are the cause of ourselves. Being born in this world, we fall into the illusion of the senses: we believe in what appears. We ignore that we are blind and deaf. Then the fear attacks us and we forget that we are Divine, that we can change the course of events, even the Zodiac. It is not the matter that generates thought but the thought that generates the matter”

[“la nuova scienza di Giordano Bruno”].

As F-Aurea Group we are a collective of free researchers, Animated by the will to actualize the Divine, to remove limits and constraints that separate us from our Divine nature, the bonds that imprison us in an illusion that the senses perceive as reality. We are a modern theurges and reasechers of Etheric Forces, we focus on rediscover, recognize, and dignify the Divine Nature asleep in the human being. We all came from different work fields, studies, researches and life experiences, with the common goal of awakening Inspiration and bring positive change, shifting the world paradigms.

We are guided by the COR, by Discernment, and Inspiration as Numenic Forces which are Divine in Nature. Our courses are instruments that distinguish themselves in the capacity of action, in their practical efficiency and concrete results. Our Etherical Holofractal Informational Fields are autonomous vibrational instruments.

F-Aurea provides cutting-edge training in wisdom and ethereal forces skills, for the rebirth of the human being and the planet Earth, from the condition of ignorance of the self, of one’s essence, from the barbarism and dehumanization, from the destruction of what is Anima-Mundi, the Soul of the World. We operate by sharing knowledge, reflections, results of our Etheric Holofractal Information Field.


Inspirational Training

We do train methods and paradigms to develop accurate etherical perceptions, as with practice a way to analize, acknowledge and comprehend, not only how ether flows, and how much work you have to do, but also to gain fundamental understandings and insights about oneself’s inner truth.

Cutting Edge Tools

F-Aurea implements a wide range of Etherical Forces and Informative Fields in order to practice. Which are NOT radionic circuits, shape-power, symbols, or thought-forms, but Inspirational technology, developed to unburden the operator involved in the process of helping, and totally autonomous from your life forces.

Inner Truth

We provide Inspirational experiences, training, tools and knowledge, that stems from ancient westerner and eastern primordial traditions in the light of a more modern approach and discovery. We focus on cultivating inspiration, share knowledge about mechanics of the ether, not beliefs, dogmas nor mentalism.

The Access Doors to Ovunque (Everywhere)

The Access Doors to Ovunque (Everywhere)

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    benefits & outcomes


    benefits & outcomes


    Qualified Instructors

    Manlio Di Donato

    Holistic Therapist, trainer and reasercher who develop the the Ricalibrazione Planetaria® practice a vibrational astrology practice.

    Elisa Pontarini

    Remedial Massage Therapist at the Nature Care College in Sydney Australia. Work as full-time holistic therapist and to help people find harmony.

    Francesco Verticchio

    The Founder of F-Aurea, form which inspiration, thought, and drive, this paradigm, forces, and tools came alive.


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    Researches on F-Aurea Etheric Arts and Informative Fields

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    Scientific Research on the Effects of Meditation – part 2

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    Scientific Research on the Effects of Meditation – part 1

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