A Tradiction of Researchers

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    Where did we start from and what were we based on?

    We have achieved what we share today with you and which we are still constantly improving and refining, after decades of research and respectful study of those who preceded us, but also by learning to exclude the paths that others have taken and that we have found to be unsatisfactory or fallacious. Many other etherical instruments of other paths operate simply because it is the will and power of the practitioner’s personal action to be used and focused by the instrument. It is therefore often the practitioner who acts as a “battery” as an “engine” to operate them. In other cases we have encountered efficient tools but with limited duration. Once the charge with which they were created was exhausted, they stopped functioning, or they started charging dissonant ether lacking the ability to expell dissonances.

    The need to create truly autonomous etherical tools, so that does not wear off with time, and does not involve one’s energy resource and reserve. be they either are psychical, etherical, also biological. Came precisely from the need to simplify and lighten the practitioner’s load, being able to carry out a package of practices, operations with prana, with etheric matter, very complete and based on complete balance. But also such as to empower the operator’s ability to manage, dispose of and do not be overcomed by the dissonant etheric waste released by clients during the sessions.

    At the beginning of the modern era there were studies that goes towards the same goal, one of the most important researchers in this area was Malcom Rae and it’s peculiar radionics machines.

    Malcolm Rae had conceived an instrument made from a magnet that emitted its field on a card of paper. The card featured what Rae called a vibrational quality, or a geometric design (of circles with dashes) that would have had to reproduce if provided with sufficient physical energy the etheric effect expressed by the graphic design.

    Personally we find that it is the human operator to activate the instrument and create its effect, taking advantage of the magnet that acts as a carrier, The potentiometer, this is the name of Rae’s instrument, then transferred the information to a bottle full of water and sugar. Rae and the radionics born from him therefore claimed to be able to program in the bottle of water the vibrational or etheric energy of a substance, such as a plant. Clearly this method had the problem not understood of the psychic dissonances and of the bonds with the operator, or of those energies with which the bottle was overloaded, thus distorting the quality of the information that was programmed. But also the problem of the magnet itself, which in turn emitted dissonance. In addition to the lack of adjustment of the power of the appliance. In fact, it was not the magnet but the human operator that generated the etheric information suggested by the sheet of paper. His instrument was in any case truly a milestone in the search for subtle energies, because first Rae suggested that one can identify with a “code” in his geometric case, the essence of an entity, like a plant.

    Sadly Malcom Rae died leaving after him few and scarce informations about his researches. Some of them can be found in the book “DIMENSIONS OF RADIONICS” by Tansley, Rae and Westlake (ISBN 0-914732-29-3).

    Another pioneer was the psychiatrist W. Reich which for his part understood that the difference in physical materials capable of conducting or isolating electricity were also capable of generating a boost of ether, which Reich called Orgonic Energy. Reich’s tools, however, simply pushed the environmental energy and did not change its qualities. The dissonances remained such. The Spire of Reich is well known, a simple tool that moves prana from one side to the other.

    Even these early pioneering studies highlighted key points in research, such as the possibility that physical matter could generate a boost in subtle energy. Among the many who have collected the legacy of those pioneers another one was dr. Roberto Zamperini, who uses the knowledge of his predecessors by combining them in a meticulous work of analysis and observation of the results as well as of the failures. After decades it manages to develop an autonomous instrument from the practitioner’s personal energy. But the cleanergy, wich is called the instrument developed by dr. Zamperini, still was bounded to the need of a physical container, precisely made with peculiars materials and adequate geometric form.

    We are telling you this because we actually believe in intellectual honesty, and to honor and respect the work of those who came before us.

    You can also learn more in the following video (only in italian for now).