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The F-Aurea Group was founded in Italy by Francesco Verticchio, and it is carried on by the will and heart of many people over the years. Including Manlio Di Donato, and Elisa Pontarini, trainers of the online course Ignis Rebirth. But also from the many others behind the scenes.

“One cannot conquer the Secret of the Universe, it is Reached with Will (Vis) and Love (Amor), with the COR or Heart and Respect”.

[Francesco Verticchio].

The F-Aurea Tradition stems from the understanding that we need as researchers Honesty toward oneself and the others. From Inspiration, or the drive to improve constantly, enlightened by the Divine Force that dwells in the COR, in the dignified heart of the practitioner, dedicated to overcoming the limits of the human condition. From the Healthy Doubt that leads us to grow and costanctly improve, and therefore verify and analyze the Etheric matter that others call Subtle Energies, Prana, and with many other names.

We were born in this Cosmic Era having spent multiple existence, through dogmatic paths, based on faith in masters and dogmas. Today we understand how sane it is to get out of these unhealthy games, and to develop tools to knowing and to etherical act, to change for real, inside and outside of us, in the microcosm the Inner Akasha, and in the macrocosm outside that is their mirror. This is why we bring into our COR for the New Era, the aim of sharing cutting-edge tools and knowledge about the Etheric Forces, initiatic practices, meditation, theurgy, channeling, and “spiritual healing”. In doing this we have welcomed, studied and questioned the lessons of the primordial schools and traditions of the past, Westerns and Easterns, but also of the many forms of pranotherapy, meditation, radionic, dowsing, and also of much more modern disciplines. So for us the Healty Doubt and the possibility of questioning everything by analyzing it and comparing it not mentally but Etherically and Inspirationally, are the basis for being able to constantly improve ourselves. But we do not offer any form of medical technique, or subsitute for medical or pshycological care, please be aware that Ignis Rebirth and our Etheric Informational Fields are not a form of medical cure.

So we are bringer of a non-dogmatic research path, free from dependence on masters. The tools that we share, the so called F-Aurea Informational Fields operate without consuming or burdening the psychic or life force of the practitioners.

Our role is to share with you this tools and the findings of our researches, not to change or direct your life, that is your responsability. How you are going to implement and use this tools in your daily life can only be your choice and accountability. Imagine you have a white blank canvas, our tools are like an array of colours, mediums, and brushes. Our courses are a refined line of painting techniques. What you are going to paint is only up to you.



Shareability. What you learn in our courses and books can be shared according to your wisdom and under your own sole responsibility. F-Aurea, Ricalibrazione Planetaria, Ignis Rebirth, F-Aurea Informational Fields, are trademarks. We have done so in order to avoid distortions and deviations. But the contents of the courses and some publications* can be shared with a Creative Commons 4.0 License. which allows you to freely share concepts, ideas, paradigms, and methods, as long tas his is done on a non-profit basis, quoting the source from which you obtained this information as F-Aurea and indicating what changes you have made. F-Aurea does not sub-licence it’s trademarks, and does not recognize officials teachers of their methods through online courses. We do that only in live attendance as a result of a more extensive and encompassing program which includes practical supervised internship. So we consider every aspect of F-Aurea as a Cultural World Heritage.

Rebirth of the Sense of the Sacred. When we utilize the word “God” we do not mean the Christian God or a religion, but the Numenic (Divine) Force which sleeps at the root of every and one human being and which people and most of the primordial traditions have experienced or intuited in their own unique way. We believe that it is in the right of human beings to know and experience the Divine, the Gods, without going through the dogmas and censures of past religions and traditions. This is why we respect the past and study it, but we open a new chapter for the renaissance in the etheric-inspirational practices.

Free from dogmas. We do provide experiences not dogmas, and comparison that allows practitioners to be able to operate on themselves and obtain results immediately, hand in hand with their desire to discover and re-discover themselves. We believe it is healthy to provide methods to extract the innate Inspiration in students, without any need to put dogmas or beliefs within them, in order to become autonomous in their own growth path, without the need for “gurus” or “teachers” who tell you what to believe or not to believe in.


For many existences we have stood for inspirational research and innovation. In this Era we were reborn as F-Aurea from an idea of ​​Francesco Verticchio, founding father of the Group.

Francesco’s studies stems from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Energy-Vibrational-Technique (an Italian path from Dr. Roberto Zamperini) and from his autonomous studies of etheric archeology on the Imperial Forums in Rome, Italy and on the Temple of Venus and Rome. It was precisely in these places that Francesco, after a long course of study, understood how the ancient Latin Theurges disclosed a permanent and eternal Divine Light in matter, spiritualizing it. From the innovation of these methods, on a mathematical and modern basis also, were developed the first prototypes of the Informational Fields. And that lead many years later to open the Door to the Upper Worlds and to allow new Numenic Forces to dwell in matter that the Planet Earth did not yet have known, more in tune with the current cosmic Era, but without ever forgetting the Respect (Pietas) and Love (Amor) for the traditions of the past.

It’s from the meeting of Francesco with Manlio Di Donato and other practitioners and co-workers of the so called Holistic Paradigms (also called natural health ways) that F-Aurea Group was founded. Dedicated to give shape to new paradigms and theoretic models to explain and understand the new possibilities that were opening up to their eyes. But above all, in those years the efficiency of the Informational Fields was abundantly tested, verified, and constantly improved.

Our work has always been characterized by the Will to proceed not by faith or creed, but by practical experimentation, by comparison as an engine of growth, healthy doubts and either etherical as also physical studies and trials. Over the years F-Aurea has grown vast but has always remained a collective of free researchers where no one is bound to remain or to keep secrets, but those who participate in the inner group do so of their own accord, seeing their ideas and research welcomed.

During years F-Aurea has worked for the benefit of humanity, spreading practices and activating information fields in support of the paradigm shift and the rebirth of the COR of the Soul of the world, of mutual respect and the dissolution of the mental distortions produced by the dusk of the last Era and at the dawn of the new one.

In 2015 Manlio Di Donato and Carmen Aida Stana, a Romanian free researcher, founded with the support of Francesco Verticchio the Pratica di Ricalibrazione Planetaria (Planet Recalibration Practice), as well described as an etherical pratice to rewrite one’s inner Zodiac and to empower the personal etheric field. It was the first discipline to be born from the research, models, and tools of the F-Aurea Group.

In 2020 during the Italian lockdown, Manlio Di Donato, and Elisa Pontarini, with the support of Francesco Verticchio, developed the Ignis Rebirth webinar, as a way to share the benefits of the F-Aurea methods towards the whole world.

In 2022 the marketing of the F-Aurea works was entrusted to Art For Awakening s.r.l., a Romanian company with the right skills and the right Hearts in order to operate internationally. The f-aurea.com site is then created.


We aren’t a religious cult, a philosophical sect, or a masonic order.

We don’t want you to think as we think, but to develop your own fundamental understanding of etheric forces, and work through with our Etheric Informational Fields in order to disclose you mind to deeper and higher Encompassing Inspiration.

We are not offering any medical technique, or subsitute or alternative for medical or pshycological care, please be aware that Ignis Rebirth and our Etheric Informational Fields are not a form of medical cure.

We are researchers, not “ascended masters” nor “guru” at all. In our years of researches we discovered and created cutting edge etheric technologies, that we call Etheric Informational Fields. As we are all human beings, driven by the passion of research toward improving the practical knowledge of the cosmos inside ourself.

So every Etheric Informational Fields and every new technology we have develop has been experimented, verified, and lived by us and proven worthy by the positive improvement in every single aspect of our daily life. Also F-Aurea Fields are NOT: Radionic; shape-power based effect; symbology; psychic programmed objects or thought-forms. Our research stems from ancient primordial traditions, in the light of a more modern approach and discovery. The fields are eternal, they do not wear with time, they do not need to be re- charged or etherically cleansed.

Ignis Rebirth is not a theoretical course or a collection of historical information, hypothesis and practices taken from other etheric techniques. It is practical, fully independent form others traditions and it is an original innovative course.


f-aurea courses

Here is a selection of some of our courses that we offer.


fully qualified instructors

Manlio Di Donato

Holistic Therapist, trainer and reasercher who develop the the Ricalibrazione Planetaria® practice a vibrational astrology practice.

Elisa Pontarini

Remedial Massage Therapist at the Nature Care College in Sydney Australia. Work as full-time holistic therapist to help people find harmony.

Francesco Verticchio

The Founder of F-Aurea, form which inspiration, thought, and drive, this paradigm, forces, and tools came alive.