Elisa Pontarini



In 2006 I started my path in the holistic world studying Remedial Massage Therapy at the Nature Care College in Sydney Australia.

From that moment my curiosity and passion for the knowledge of the human body and its functioning in favour of well-being have been the engine that pushed me to continue my studies and choose this as a job.

In 2014 I spent 7 months in Southeast Asia in Thailand where I immersed myself in the oriental culture of well-being and awareness.

Following this experience, I devised a therapeutic approach based on a combination of western and eastern techniques capable of obtaining the full potential of each treatment.

In 2017, life introduced me to Thetahealing®, Pratica di Ricalibrazione Planetaria ® (Planetary Recalibration), other techniques of work on subtle energies which I then integrated into my sessions.

From April 2019 I decided to be a full-time holistic therapist and to help people achieve their goals, to find harmony and balance in their body, mind and soul. You can also find me and my work on bodymindsoul.it