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Generic F.A.Q.

Here is a small summary of the questions I have been asked especially on social media, to improve the understanding of the F-Aurea Holofractal Etheric Information Fields . I ask you to use these tools, which we have chosen to share freely and to benefit humanity, with respect and responsibly. We are not providing alternative treatments (medical or psychological), but tools for meditation, growth, knowledge (of oneself and the infinite worlds of the soul), inspiration and balance of vital resources. Tools to go beyond current limits, in safety and to become what we are “born to be”.

About F-Aurea Etheric Informative Fields

A person wakes up in the morning and has breakfast because he feels hungry. The next day he may reasonably still be hungry. Having breakfast today doesn’t make us full for the rest of our lives. Thus in the same way the fields are to be understood in a context of meditative practice, as support tools. You can still benefit from it even if you project them while reading a book, playing with the dog, eating biscuits, doing laundry. However, they will give their best together with a practice, such as Planetary Recalibration ®, but also Yoga, Tai Chi, Mindfulness, Reiki, Thetahealing ®, and more.

That the two fields synchronise and begin to work together always maintaining a consonance, an overall balance. If you run two identical fields, for example the same video of the meridians on two different cell phones and at the same time the two fields will amplify each other.

Yes, it can happen, this is due on the one hand to the fact that the image in the center rotates and on the other the F-Aurea Fields operate with a dimensional scale in terms of very extensive etheric matter. The first few times can give a sense of vertigo as they are used in the context of meditative practices, as a tool to help unlock the doors of the heart and mind within us, to access those potentials that we have simply put aside. When we do this we don’t stay neutral. On the contrary, an earthquake occurs in us. For a more stable practice learn to become a pilot of the field, also as suggested in the guided meditation in this video . See also the explanatory video .

As long as you feel comfortable doing it. Let’s say 3 reps, so half an hour is a good basis for a full balance session. If you overdo it it might feel a bit like “in the clouds”. Personally since it’s a job that gets your personal energy done, I recommend resting at least one day a week. The day you don’t work with energies is the day when your balance stabilises and manifests. Rest is always necessary.

No. Even at low volume as long as the sound is audible. Sound acts as a vector, so as far as sound goes, the field operates.

In part, yes. The field in that case is fixed to the image. The more the copy moves away from the original, the less the field created there recognises the image. If the copy is slightly different (deformed paper, non-identical color, etc.) the field expresses itself more weakly, but above all it could remain only an echo, a footprint of the field and the actual field no longer exists. This makes a difference because only the real field has the engines that perpetually support it. Over time, a slightly different image may become saturated with dissonance, slowly slowing down its ability to act.

No. The choice of images depended on our aesthetic taste, we could put the image of a kitten taking a bath, it would have made no difference! Manlio Di Donato for the video “mandalas”. The competent painter and channeller Florencia Venegas for the image of the Planetary Recalibration with the galaxy. The field is created in etheric matter, point, and anchored to an image or video. Altering the image or video causes the field to no longer recognise the media and disconnect from the video or image.

If you want to download the videos, they should be downloaded as much as possible in the same format (mp4) and in the same resolution with which you see them to prevent the field from disconnecting from the video. Same goes for the image of Recalibration. In the lecture notes of the Recalibration courses we have put numerous images that anchor the planetary energies of which we learn during the courses, this to facilitate the students. Printing images, if done well, does not reduce the quality of the field by much.

We gave the videos for free sharing. They are published with a creative commons license (which allows sharing as long as you mention us as the origin of the work and do not alter it), if you have benefited from it we are happy. You can also share them in turn or use them in your sessions and meditation groups, we only ask you to respect our work and to explain what I am explaining to you, perhaps by sharing this site and these explanations together with the videos.

There is no “normality”. What you feel is legitimate, it is your personal experience. The fields for the chakras and the meridians do a work of reclaiming and releasing what was etherically accumulated as dissonance in your energy system. While those dissonances are released you can experience annoyance, even discomfort at times. For this reason, I recommend doing it in a meditative state. It is a normal process of energy release, which you can put aside and forget about it, or you can explore and bring to the end, guiding the field, which becomes an active tool in that way, even into the etheric and soul memory . However, what you feel and feel annoyed about is only what we call dissonant energy. Or dissonant ethereal matter, distorted, saturated with information “difficult to digest”. The field makes you feel it while we say “empty” the dissonance tank to make room for your innate balance.

Many believe that “negative” energies do not exist. We call them dissonances precisely to avoid giving space to the idea of ​​an “evil to fight” . However, they are forms of etheric matter that has become distorted, dissonant . It weighs down the ability of your etheric system to manage energies and support you. Here, in our practices, almost 90% of the work is aimed at reclaiming these dissonances in several ways, to make them compatible with your etheric system again, or to expel them, as appropriate.

Starting these processes can in many cases make you feel light, a sense of freedom. While in other cases it can make you feel uncomfortable. Personally, I recommend that you deal with the difficulty of feeling this range of emotions to the fullest, and throw yourself headlong into the exploration of yourself and what we have stored and compressed within us. Because doing this gives us power over our lives, as we get rid of all that intimately and unknowingly and irrationally keeps us from expressing that wonderful and immense potential of human beings.

To this we apply the model described previously talking about dimensions , and here we can understand how dissonances exist on the various dimensional planes. So there can be environmental dissonances, for example the etheric matter which becomes dissonant due to the effect of electromagnetic fields, mainly present in the first dimension. But also dissonances born of repressed and vented anger against ourselves, as well as dissonances of other nature.

In other articles I have spoken of ” entities “, if they are dissonant they are in most cases “simple” (so to speak) dissonances born of ourselves, they are projections of denied aspects of us, but they are always dissonances.

The Portal of Awakening also operates in the direction of remediation of dissonances, but in a different way. If the fields for the chakras and the meridians make above all remediation and balance of two different energy systems. The Portal of Awakening, on the other hand, is focused on activating the ability of those who use it to learn to manage themselves, to listen to themselves, to stay focused, to overcome fear. Here, to do this, it activates faculties already present within us. It therefore operates in completely different ways compared to the other fields.

No. We created the awakening portal just to be recalled, the other fields published so far do not have this programming.

The Portal of Awakening is created and structured in such a way as to be explicitly recalled in meditation, by those who have already experienced it in some way. For example experimenting the video in a meditative state. The other fields are not. They are however a reality in the Akashic plane of ideas and forms and are multidimensionally so. Although they are not programmed to be called back if you are sufficiently trained you can call them back, but in that case what answers you is not the “living field” as it is created in the video. What he answers is only an “echo of the field”. It works as long as you maintain concentration and focus on it. As you turn your attention away, it stops acting. The awakening portal on the contrary can be called up, you can give it a task, call him for example on you and instruct him to operate for a few hours and he will do it. Or rather, the duration of the work depends a lot on how much you have acquired the ability to stabilise your event in etheric terms, because it is “the highway you open” where the field can manifest itself. This is the difference with the video. The sound and images of the video are the highway that manifests the field.

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