Manlio Di Donato



I started my studies in 1996, deepening Anthroposophy and different etheric practice, including Radionics, Dowsing and Reiki.

In 2006 I meet the Thetahealing® of Vianna Stibald and I integrated it with the studies in Shiatsu just started.

In 2007 I begin to study also T.E.V. Tecnica Energetico Vibrazionale® (Energetic Vibrational Technique) of Dr. Roberto Zamperini.

In those years I immersed also myself in the pratice of Mindfulness. And also explorated the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism Karma Kagyu, of the Mahayana current.

In 2010 I completed the training course to became a full fledged Shiatsu practitioner, with the Italian Shiatsu-Do Academy, and at the same time I obtained the certificate for the teaching of Thetahealing®.

In the same year I stared my career path as Shiatsu practitioner.

In 2012 I completed studing the path of T.E.V. Tecnica Energetico Vibrazionale® (Energetic Vibrational Technique) of Dr. Roberto Zamperini.

The sessions that I propose at this point are the Inspired and coherent fusion of the methods I have studied, but all this cannot be enough.

The reflections and questions born from these studies have pushed me to deepen the field of research on consciousness and subtle energies, putting aside everything I had learned, selecting to question every teaching, every practice, and start a path of autonomous study to verify what worked for real, how it worked, and how to go beyond the individual subjective points of view by developing an integrated theory of ether and consciousness.

In 2014 I met Francesco Verticchio and together with other colleagues founded the F-Aurea Research Group.

In 2016 I publicly disclosed the Pratica di Ricalibrazione Planetaria ® (Planets Recalibration ® practice), a method born from the F-Aurea study, in Italy, which became the bearer of a new vibrational etheric paradigm.

In 2020 A basic fragment of F-Aurea paradigm and researches, with the cooperation of Elisa Pontarini, is shared with the whole world, adapted with the purpouse of webinar and online classes, taking the name of Ignis Rebirth.