10 Planets Etherical Forces, Rebalance Cards Set. Mixed Colors.

10 Planets Etherical Forces, Rebalance Cards Set. Mixed Colors.

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The Etheric Planet’s Forces set of ten cards designed to experience, learn, experiment, and practice with the F-Aurea Etheric Fields which bear the etherical forces of nine celestial bodies in it’s archetipal shape. The F-Aurea fields will empower, bring consonance, clean and purify the ether of the corresponding planetary forces. This will also have secondary beneficial effect over what that ether of each celestial bodies is in resonance with.

Each F-Aurea Card is an artistic support for an F-Aurea Informational Field.

3 in stock


The cards can simply be laid upon the body of the client or yourself, during any pratice session. They can be used as aid and support to various “spiritual healing” arts, techniques, wellness and massages practices you have alredy learned, to empower them. Such as for example: Yoga, Systemic Family Constellations, Meditation, Mindfulness, Akashic Records, Kinesology, Qi Gong, Shiatsu, Tuina, Reiki, Channeling, Theta Meditations, Pranotherapy, Mediumship, Tantric Paths, Massage, Ricalibrazione Planetaria® practice and Ignis Rebirth for which they are born, etc. But they can also be used alone, one at time, combined at the same time, or together with the others F-Aurea Cards and tools.

The following concepts and paradigms came from our fully autonomous study and etharical research. They may bear some resemblance with astrological knowledges but they do not. You can learn more on our pubblications and (future) books.

PIANETA TERRA. Etherical Force of the Planet Earth. Telluric Forces of Condensation, Recollection, Self Centering. The convergence, folding of multidimensionality in one single point called matter. It can be helpful for grounding, focusing and centering etherical work, but also to increase the condensation of ether and may increse the manifesting of ether and thoughtforms.

SOL Etherical Force of the Sun. Dynamizing Forces nourishment towards evolution and consonant growth, Amplification of other forces, archetipal force of overcoming oneselves limits, It can be helpful for empowering practices, to increase our inner power, especially coupled together with MARS.

LUNA. Etherical Force of the Planet Earth’s Moon. Expulsion and release Forces, the force of freeing oneself from the etherical waste and chains of the past. Archetipal force of the mind. Very useful for etherical work to expell and release dissonant energy and ether.

MARS. Etherical Force of Mars. Defensive Forces, that can lead to the discovery of oneself identity. The Ether of boundaries, protection and stability. It can be helpful to recover and strenghten your inner force of will, and the capability of psychic defense, but also to quickly recover from rips into etherical field.

MERCURIUS. Etherical Force of Mercury. Celestial Forces of resonance with inspirations and creativity. The forces of celestial axis in the human etheric field. Force of resonance with spiritual (Inspirational) identity and purpouses. It can be helpful in meditation practices related to increase or clarify one’s inspiration and intuition.

JUPITER. Etherical Force of Jupiter. The Harmonizer, the golden resonance and stability forces. The force in which every other forces became equal. it can be helpful in many ways, in meditation towards accessing the oneness state of mind, in which everything can be perceived as one. But also combined with other Celestial Forces as a booster of such other forces, because it will gently amplify them.

VENUS Etherical Force of Venus. Attraction and absorption Forces. The archetipal force of receiving. it can be helpful in etherical work with the purpouse to renew or increase one inner life forces, especially combined with TERRA. Combined with LUNA it will activate a full IN\OUT cleaning etherical exchange with the surroundings.

SATURNUS. Etherical Force of Saturn. The magmatic and telluric inner golden forces, that give shape to etheric fields and forces from inside to outside. The force of manifesting oneself, the archetipal forces of inner richness. It can be useful in meditation to retrieve lost inner balance and focus, or combined with JUPITER or especially SOLE to empower the COR the sense of unity and inner focus toward the rediscovering of what we really are as divine beings.

URANUS. Etherical Force of Uranus. The cleanser Forces, that operates in dissolutions and deprogramming of old, obsolete, dissonant fields, memory and energies. Very useful for etherical work and massagges, because it can dissolve and deprogram many kind of dissonances and etherical waste energy.

SISTEMA SOLARE. Etherical Force of the Solar System. The encompassing force of harmony and evolution. It can be useful to create order, empower the force of inner evolution the capabilities to go past limits and limitations of one’s etheric field, ancestors memories and patterns, etc. But you can also use after every other Celestial Forces, to empower and refine them.

Like every F-Aurea fileds they work on a multidimensional level, as described in our books and pubblications.

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