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4 Alchemical Elements, Rebalance Cards Set

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The Alchemical Elements Set of four cards is designed to experience, learn, experiment and practice with the F-Aurea Etheric Fields, the ether of the 4 alchemical elements as of the ancient latin tradiction. The F-Aurea fields will empower, bring consonance, clean and purify the ether of the corresponding element. This will also have secondary beneficial effect over what that ether is in resonance with.

Each F-Aurea Card is an artistic and purposeful support for an F-Aurea Informational Field.

7 in stock



The cards can simply be laid upon the body of the client or yourself, during any pratice session. They can be used as aid and support to various “spiritual healing” arts, techniques, wellness and massages practices you have alredy learned, to empower them. Such as for example: Yoga, Systemic Family Constellations, Meditation, Mindfulness, Akashic Records, Kinesology, Qi Gong, Shiatsu, Tuina, Reiki, Channeling, Theta Meditations, Pranotherapy, Mediumship, Tantric Paths, Massage, Ricalibrazione Planetaria® practice and Ignis Rebirth for which they are born, etc. But they can also be used alone, one at time, combined or all four at the same time, or together with the others F-Aurea Cards and tools.

FOCVS. Ether of the Focvs or Fire Element. Focvs can be described as the spiritual flame, the primordial and original dynamis, the action of co-creation and generation. The first force that came to be. The essence of an Etheric Field or Force. Ether of Focvs can ignite the sleeping potential, the primordial source of power, creativity, and innovation dormant inside. It may also be described as the spark of “I Am”, the principle of individuality.

AQVA. Ether of the Aqva or Water Element. Aqva can be viewed as the principle of sense and sensitivity, emotions, but also the memory of the field, and the capability to observe the past. Aqva have some resonance with emotions it’s memorized patterns and cluster of etherical information. It can also fluidify stagnant and dormant emotions and emotional patterns.

AER. Ether of the Aer or Air Element. Aer can be perceived as the capability of the field to create sinergy, interaction between other fileds, also the capability celestial in nature to plan, to conceive ideas, envision the future. Air is the ether that project the field towards other, towards the future and the realm of ideas.

TERRA. Ether of the Terra or Earth Element. Terra can be defined as the capability to act, to bring into the world an idea, to give a shape to visions and projects. The centering and manifesting element, that gives shape and conducts ehter to a material level or dimension. It also can increase the resilience and stability of an etherical field.

Like every F-Aurea fileds they work on a multidimensional level, as described in our books and pubblications.

With these cards we have chosen to manifest, define and refine as an F-Aurea Field the Latin and alchemical version with this set, because the nature of the 4 elements presented to you here is the most attune with our paradigms and researches. You may find resonance with existing differents archetipical aspects of the so called elements. For example the Etherical Archetipal Forces of Ancient Chinese and Daoist cultural heritage, called the 5 elements or in some text the 5 movements, are a different set of forces, also as different with some resemblance from the Induist and the ancient Greek versions.

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