Chakra Rebalance, 9 Cards Set. Green.

Chakra Rebalance, 9 Cards Set. Green.

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The Chakra Rebalance set of nine cards works to aid and empower practice sessions of meditation, wellness, “spiritual healing”, etc. These F-Aurea fields are a complete set of tools to work on many unbalances and limitations, practitioners can happen to encounter thorught the inner work of such techniques and paths.

Each F-Aurea Card is an artistic support for an F-Aurea Informational Field.

4 in stock


The cards can simply be laid upon the body of the client or yourself, during any pratice session. They can be used as aid and support to many “spiritual healing” arts, techniques, wellness and massages practices you have alredy learned, to empower them. Such as for example: Yoga, Systemic Family Constellations, Meditation, Mindfulness, Akashic Records, Kinesology, Qi Gong, Shiatsu, Tuina, Reiki, Channeling, Theta Meditations, Pranotherapy, Mediumship, Tantric Paths, Massage, Ricalibrazione Planetaria® practice and Ignis Rebirth for which they are born, etc. But they can also be used alone, one at time, combined at the same time, or together with the others F-Aurea Cards and tools.

The following concepts and paradigms came from our understanding and researches. You may find some resemblance with the “tradictional” concept of Chakras, but we bring a different practical point of wiev. To us a Chakra is an etherical field, which with we can cleanse, regulate, harmonize and empower with a set of Informative Fields were we have bounded the etherical forces of that peculiar concept. That’s why we have created this set, including the flowing of ether in the chakra channels and including also the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Omnia Chakra. Cleanse, regulate, harmonize, empower the whole flowing of ether, from chakra to chakra, thought the chakrals channels. This will help greatly to cleanse etherical impurity and dynamize the inner forces of human etherical field. We suggest utilize this prior starting a working session with others. The field has it’s capability to know if necessary to work in the inner chakral channel and in the dimensional center outside the chakra system, which regulates the access doors to other etherical dimensions.

Sahasrara. The Crown, Inspirational Forces. It can boost insight and inspiration. It will also help in cleansing and empowering the ether of DNA, Theta and Delta Brainwaves.
Ajna. The Mind’s Eye, Force of Will. It can help refinine your inner vision and self observation practices, it can be used to empower the capability to focus the mind. It can also help cleansing and empowering the ether of Alpha and Beta brainwaves, and of the nervous system.
Visuddha. The Voice, Force of Expression. It can boost the expression and vocal capabilities.
Anahta. The Hearth, Force of Love. It will work towards improving the sense of wholeness, and higher emotions.
Solar. The Solar Plexus, Force of Inner Transmutation. It can boost the capability of transmutate feeling and events in life into inner forces. It also cleanse and empower the ether of stomach, liver, spleen, lungs, and diaphragm.
Manipura. The Umbilical Center, Force of Absimilation. It can improve the connection and intimacy with oneself, and also work toward cleansing and balancing the ether of intestines and kidneys.
Svadhisthana. The Sexual Center, Force of Life. It will work into empowering the source of inner driving force also know as sexual force. It will also cleanse and empower the ether of genitals. Please take note that it is not a remedy or cure for erectile dysfunction.
Muladhara. The Root, Force of Manifestation. It will help into centering, focusing, and connecting with roots and earth forces, such stabilizing the mind. It will also cleanse and empower the ether of blood, muscle, and connective tissue.

You can find more in depth knowledge about our paradigms, methods and practices on our pubblications, news, and books, on

Like every F-Aurea fileds it work on a multidimensional level, as described in our books and pubblications.

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