Genesys Card, for Personal Shielding. Steel White

Genesys Card, for Personal Shielding. Steel White

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The Genesys Card Informational Field applies a series of etheric cleansing, transmutating and empowering processes in the human etheric field, working specifically and for the benefit of the network of meridians, etheric points called acupoints as well as of the Chakral network and nodes. It also impements an element of shielding one systems from dissonant etherical influences.

Each F-Aurea Card are an artistic support for an F-Aurea Informational Field.

4 in stock


The F-Aurea Informational Field: Genesys, may help to:

  • Cleanse, Transmutate and Empower the etheric circulation flow in the Meridians and Acupoints. It strenghtens and cleanses them.
  • Cleanse, Transmutate and Empower the ether circulation flow through Chakras and Chakral Channels. It strenghtens and cleanses them.
  • It applies a peculiar kind of Etherical Shielding, to make the wearer un-perceivable by the dissonant etheric bodies, psychic attacks, negative thought forms, hostile etheric entities.
  • Can increase the capability of the individual etheric field to transmute and can create compatibility in the environmental ether irritated by EMF fields. So it can help to maintain the consonance of one’s etheric field even towards the ether irritated by electro-pollution even of the latest generation, even 5G.
  • It helps to maintain the consonance of one’s etheric field, without being charged with dissonant ether released by other people or from dissonant places.

Like every F-Aurea fileds it work on a multidimensional level, as described in our books and pubblications.

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