Lightworkers 3 Cards Set. Gold, Green, Pink

Lightworkers 3 Cards Set. Gold, Green, Pink


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This set of three cards is designed to help professional practitioners, in the many paths of so called “spiritual healing” practices, massages, wellness, coaching and so on. They aid the practitioners by empowering and shielding themselves through the GENESYS Field; to cleanse and shape an ideal working space in the room thanks to the DOMUS AETHER LIGHTSPACE Field; and to inspire them and refine their inner work trought the HEART STARGATE Field.

Each F-Aurea Card is an artistic support for an F-Aurea Informational Field.

10 in stock


The set of three cards work to empower practictioners of the many spiritual paths, so called “spiritual healing” arts, and coaching systems, such as for example: Yoga, Systemic Family Constellations, Meditation, Mindfulness, Akashic Records, Kinesology, Qi Gong, Shiatsu, Tuina, Reiki, Channeling, Theta Meditations, Pranotherapy, Mediumship, Tantric Paths, and much more.

GENESYS. For Personal Shielding and cleansing of the etheric human field. The Genesys F-Aurea Field can be a very useful tool, because it eases the effort of professional practitioners. It helps cleansing the waste ether, the dissonances and unbalances of the ether that clients release during the sessions. It helps prevent the creation of psychic hooks and the projection of dissonant thoughtforms received by the professional practictioner. It also empower and cleanses the ether flow in the meridian channels and systems and also in chakras channels and systems.

To utilize it you will need to wear the Genesys Card, or to have one in your pocket.

HEART STARGATE. To Refine and Inspire the inner world of the professional practitioner. It works by helping and empowering the capabilities of the practitioner to meditate, to open the heart and focus the mind, promoting balance. It is very helpful for those who are learning, as it can help to overcome obstacles in the spiritual paths, helping oneself to observe oneself better and deeper. It work also as a real initiation source, cause it can help to perceive the ether or subtle energy, it can better open to the connection with the divine, the world of ether, and to lift veil of illusions inside and outside ourself.

Take note that the Heart Stargate F-Aurea etheric field does not replace the needed studies and practices. It is a tool to help ease the path, not the path itself or a magical erasing problems wand of sorts. Heart Stargate F-Aurea is designed for professional practice. A different version of the same field is the Portal of Awakening F-Aurea Field. You can find it in the Genesa Portal. The two fields are different, Heart Stargate have a deeper effects toward enlightenment, while Portal of Awakening is more helpful in attuning mind’s presence and focusing the mind.

To utilize it you will need to meditate, or practice with the card gently in your hand, or in a pocket.

DOMUS AETHER LIGHTSPACE. Works to bring consonance a deep cleanse of the environmental ether in the room of practices. It is designed to be a heavy duty and fast cleaning tool. Very useful for professional practice, because it will ease the workload of individual sessions and groups sessions, cause it can erase quickly the etherical unbalance and dissonance released over the course of such sessions and practices.

It works by reshaping the environmental Aether in order to:

    • Create an area to empower and Inspire the so called “Spiritual Healing Arts” and spiritual practices.
    • Fast and deep cleanse the aether of the room were it is placed, in order to sustain and ease the workload of practicioner of such arts.
    • It can promote the capability to sense and perceive ether (or subtle energies), to meditate, to open but also regulate and harmonize the doors of perception and Inspirational channels.

It will create an etherical toroidal field to cover only the practices room, and so it will adjust, reshape, and programs that space toward promoting:

    • An increased awareness of the self.
    • Empowered meditation and spiritual practices.
    • Heart focusing practices.
    • Teachings of such arts and practices.
    • Initiations practices will become much and more capable of overcoming and unveiling: illusions, dogmas, dissonant beliefes.
    • Can help practices to regulate and harmonize the doors of perception and Inspirational channels.
    • Can help practices to empower and refine the psychic senses.

It is specifically tailored to empower and deepen spiritual healing arts and practices such as: Yoga, Minfulness, Systemic Constellations, Systemic Family Constellations, Meditation, Akashic Records, Kinesology, Qi Gong, Shiatsu, Tuina, Reiki, Channeling, Shamanism, and much more.

It is a very useful tool to help practictioner who feel worn, drained, exhausted, after coaching such practices, cause it can erase quickly the etherical unbalance and dissonance released over the course of such sessions and practices.

But also as a regular Domus series field it:

    • Cleanse etherical dissonant or waste aether forms in the house.
    • Cleanse the ether of doors and windows in order to promote the creation of a regular etherical flow inside the house.
    • Reshape and bring consonance over a vast range of Planet Earth energies, fully working on: Hartmann Nodes and Grid, Curry Nodes and Grid, Primordial Nodes and Grid, and other kinds of natural geopathic energies.
    • Increase the so called etherical defence of the house.
    • Harmonises the forces of nature and the natural environment with the human being and the inhabitants of the house.
    • It also dissolves and deconstructs the dissonant environmental ether, transmuting it into a consonant ether, recreating the energy of a forest in the house. In doing so, it operates on multiple forms of ether: cemetery, psychic and thought forms, presences, dissonant bioenergy, ether irritated by electro-pollution, dissonant environmental memory, etc.

Also take note that it will cover only the room where it is placed, for the benefits of everyone presents.

To utilize it you will need to lay down the Card on the floor, in the practice room.

In open fields the F-Aurea Aetheric Informative Fields will set itself to cover a sphere 10 meters in diameter, with the Card at center. Thus the practictioner can adjust the diameter at will, simply instructing the Genesa with a simple visualization, or focused thought. It can cover a maximum of 100 square meters.

It can be stopped from operating putting it in a container or a simple bag.

Like every F-Aurea fileds it work on a multidimensional level, as described in our books and pubblications.

It is not a substitute for medical practice. All the indicated effects are based on our own research and internal studies, without claiming to be scientific.

The first few times you will utilize the Genesys Card or the Heart Stargate Card or the Domus LightSpace Card, they can give intense sensations of focus, energy, dynamism, or the completly opposite and for this reason it is suggested to use it initially for short periods of time, in order to gradually get used to it. Over time the personal etheric field will become accustomed to the effects of deep etheric cleansing and remodelling and will tend to sustain them. When this happens, it may give the impression that the initial sensations are no longer perceived. However, it will be sufficient to carry out dowsing tests or manual etheric perception tests to detect the full efficiency of the F-Aurea Information Field. The information field anchored in it never gets dirty or runs out, it is the result of the studies and research of Francesco Verticchio, Manlio Di Donato and the F-Aurea Group. It is not radionics, it does not operate through a wave shape but uses it as a vector, it does not operate through symbols.


We suggest NOT TO USE massage oils, books, practices, courses, or informative fields, with any other drugs, even the so called “sacred plants” such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro, etc.. Our informative fields and tools are not suited to be combined with this kind of practices. We suggest also NOT TO USE them if any form of mental illnesses, imabalances or fragilities are present that require mental health support or pschyatric or medical care.

Data sheet

Material: Aluminium, may contain nickel.

Color: Yellow Gold (Heart Stargate), Green (Genesys), Pink (Domus Aether Lightspace).

Size: 5.4cm x 8.6cm. Thickness 0,5 mm

Information Field: Genesys F-Aurea x1. Heart Stargate x1. Domus Aether Lightspace x1.

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