Oleum Ignis, energizing, vibrational remedy

Oleum Ignis, energizing, vibrational remedy

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Powerful massage oil, purpousley designed for empower body and mind, energizing and focusing effects. So it’s very suited to help students which need an increase in memory and focusing performance, but especially for athletes. Oleum Ignis assists massage operators as well alternative health operators with care and efficency, thanks to its high quality 100% plant-based ingredients, and it’s supported by a special F-Aurea Informational Field.

7 in stock



Oleum Ignis is a vibrational remedy purpousely designed to assist the various forms of massage or non-physical therapy, aimed at empower athletic performances, and mind and memory alike. So it’s suited for students and also athletes.

Oleum Ignis is also a bearer of an F-Aurea Information Field, specially designed to cleanse and empower the etherical flow in the meridians channels, increase the Jing or life force, and help massage therapyst in doing warming pre-competition massage. The field also contain the etherical archetipical force of the physical ingredients which the oil is made. You can not aknowledge our etherical works and paradigms, but cannot deny the well known effects of the physical ingredients.

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