Planet Quaoar Forces, Recalibration Card

Planet Quaoar Forces, Recalibration Card

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Dwarf Planet Quaoar Etherical Forces, Informative Field,  it is designed to empower and enhance the force of will, which fuels inner clarity and a sense of healthy and harmonious identity.

Each F-Aurea Card is an artistic support for an F-Aurea Informational Field.

7 in stock


QUAOAR. Etheric Force of the Dwarf Planet Quaoar. It nurtures willpower, inner clarity. It resonates with the etheric field of the brain’s left and right hemispheres and frontal lobes. Quaoar is a dwarf planet at the edge of the solar system. Its etheric force has a special peculiarity—it is a force that comes from the future and travels back into what is our present, which is the past for us. Quaoar reminds us that much of what we are already exists in a potential future, and it is this future memory that imbues the etheric quality of this dwarf planet.

When paired with the star SIRIUS, it enhances the strength of the heart, the true Will of the Heart. When combined with HAUMEA and SATURN, it stimulates self-observation, greatly reinforcing the personal etheric field (This latter insight is recommended only for seasoned practitioners).

The cards can simply be laid upon the body of the client or yourself, during any pratice session. They can be used as aid and support to various “spiritual healing” arts, techniques, wellness and massages practices you have alredy learned, to empower them. Such as for example: Yoga, Systemic Family Constellations, Meditation, Mindfulness, Akashic Records, Kinesology, Qi Gong, Shiatsu, Tuina, Reiki, Channeling, Theta Meditations, Pranotherapy, Mediumship, Tantric Paths, Massage, Ricalibrazione Planetaria® practice and Ignis Rebirth for which they are born, etc. But they can also be used alone, one at time, combined at the same time, or together with the others F-Aurea Cards and tools.

The concepts explained came from our fully autonomous study and etharical research. They may bear some resemblance with astrological knowledges but they do not. You can learn more on our pubblications and (future) books.

Like every F-Aurea fileds they work on a multidimensional level, as described in our books and pubblications.

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