Soul Memory Card, Green.

Soul Memory Card, Green.

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The Informational Field Soul Memory F-Aurea is designed with the purpouse of activate, empower and bring to cosciousness the memory of past life experiences from the Akashic personal own memory. Please take note! It is a tool designed for experienced meditation practictioners, >>> not for beginner. <<< It is designed to empower such meditation or past life regressions practices.

7 in stock


The card can simply be laid upon the body of the client or yourself, during any pratice session. They can be used as aid and support to various “spiritual healing” arts, techniques, wellness and massages practices you have alredy learned, to empower them. Such as for example: Yoga, Systemic Family Constellations, Meditation, Mindfulness, Akashic Records, Kinesology, Qi Gong, Shiatsu, Tuina, Reiki, Channeling, Theta Meditations, Pranotherapy, Mediumship, Tantric Paths, Massage, Ricalibrazione Planetaria® practice and Ignis Rebirth for which they are born, etc. But it can also be used alone, or combined together with the others F-Aurea Cards and tools.

As previously stated the Informational Field Soul Memory F-Aurea, were created with the purpouse of improve and sustain F-Aurea practices to lucidly remember memory of existences from the inner akashic field of oneself. So Soul Memory is a tool for experienced meditation practitioner.

  • It can aid into bringing the mind into meditative theta state, but whithout losing clarity or awareness of the external perceptions.
  • It can sustain the activation of etherical perceptions.
  • Useful for cleansing dissonant thoughtforms and dissonant memory of the past, also karmic hooks and chains.
  • As secondary effects it will also cleanse, empower and shield the human etheric field, the chakras and the meridians from negative or dissonant ether aspects, that can be remembered or bring to outside from the inner akashic memory.

The field to actually operate will need your guide and instructions. Then it will operate throught three phases:

1 PHASE. It will prepare your etheric field in accessing the akashic inner memory. It will be done simply relaxing with the card in hands. We strongly encourage you to practice meditations before this step. Maybe for example some Mindfulness, Nidra Yoga, or similar practices. The First Phase will be activated simply bearing the card in your hands, or laying it over the body.

2 PHASE. It will start only when you will instruct the field to access the inner akashic memory, also called soul memory. In this phase you will probably experience may different kind of sensations. It will be useful to utilize the techniques you alredy know. You can do it with a simple toughtform, or a command, like “start now!” and is best done toghether a meditation or visualization practice. Then you will experience an empowered and faster past life memory meditation.

3 PHASE. When you feel the session is completed, or you need to end it, you can instruct the field to stop the session, with a simple toughtform or a command, like “stop now!”. The field will start the third phase in which will help you to return to the present. it will cleanse the human etheric field (chakra systems and channels, meridians channels, and so on), harmonize it, and root it into the present time and space.

Every F-Aurea fileds it work on a multidimensional level, as described in our books and pubblications.

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