Wave Harmony Card. EMF Shielding. Golden Yellow.

Wave Harmony Card. EMF Shielding. Golden Yellow.

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Wave Harmony Field is designed for EMF Shielding. This occurs by interacting with the etheric field of the EMF signals, transmuting and cleaning the etheric information that they conduct until they becomes as compatible with life as possible. This has no property of removing the EMF signals and works on the ether also called subtle energy or prana.

3 in stock


Wave Harmony works by interacting with every EMF field, it empties the dissonant etheric memory, the dissonant thought forms, that the EMF radiations that may have accumulated. But Wave Harmony also interfaces with the human etheric field, where it activates the same function.

The EMF fields can be perceived to the etherical observation as subtle noise, that irritate the etheric fields of cells in the body. Usually people with a high livel of grounding are less influenced because their etherical field is capable of discharge the etherical noise excess in the soil. This same effect can be reproduced by increasing the capability of the telluric axis in the human etherical field to grounding and be open for discharge environmental dissonant ether (prana, subtle energie) and to accept and be nourished by Mother Earth etheric forces. The Wave Harmony field operates also in this way, to inform and inspire the etherical DNA of human being to access new channels from Mother Earth to be grounded and expel and transmute the etherical noise.


It can be carried with you, in a pocket or in the wallet, so it will operate on your own etheric field.

It can be laid over a cellphone, between the cover and the cellphone. Or even near a wireless router at home. In this event be aware that the card is alluminium made, and so it is possibile (but really rare) it can conduct static discharge, so do it only if you know your home wifi router is safe and discharge proof.

It can be laid over a laptop, or the tower of a pc.

It can be combined to improve wellnes practices, such massage practices, meditations, and so called spiritual healing arts. In this event it is suggested to lay on the hands the card during the practice.

The first few times, while using these tools they can give intense sensations of focus, energy, dynamism, or the completly opposite and for this reason it is suggested to use it initially for short periods of time, in order to gradually get used to it. Over time the personal etheric field will become accustomed to the effects of deep etheric cleansing and remodelling and will tend to sustain them. When this happens, it may give the impression that the initial sensations are no longer perceived. However, it will be sufficient to carry out dowsing tests or manual etheric perception tests to detect the full efficiency of the F-Aurea Information Field. The information field anchored in it never gets dirty or runs out, it is the result of the studies and research of Francesco Verticchio, Manlio Di Donato and the F-Aurea Group. It is not radionics, it does not operate through a wave shape but uses it as a vector, it does not operate through symbols.

! Let it be clear that Wave Harmony is not a cure for electrosensitivity. And it is not a substitute for medical practice ! All the indicated effects are based on our own research and internal studies, without claiming to be scientific.

Data sheet

Material: Aluminium, may contain nickel.

Color: Golden Yellow.

Size: 5.4cm x 8.6cm. Thickness 0,5 mm

Information Field: Wave Harmony

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