Researches on F-Aurea Etheric Arts and Informative Fields

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    The following is a collection of studies conducted on the effects of F-Aurea Informative Fields and the practices we have developed, such as Ricalibrazione Planetaria. As wellness practices, they are not intended as substitutes for medical or psychiatric treatments. These practices and tools can be used for oneself or for the benefit of others, aiming to enhance vital resources and well-being, similar to other disciplines like yoga, qigong, thetahealing, etc.

    Informative Fields and Water

    Over the years, albeit somewhat naïvely, we have conducted numerous studies, sometimes even in laboratory settings. One of the first tests conducted many years ago, thanks to a collaborator, involved a series of numbered white plastic cards. Only one of these cards had an informative field created by Francesco Verticchio, specifically designed to “etherically cleanse and energise” water, while the others were simply plain plastic cards. The experiment also included an instrument, similar to our Informative Fields, but created by a different group and based on principles akin to ours. The experiment was carried out by individuals completely unknown to us, in a laboratory, by exposing containers of water to the various cards and subsequently analysing changes in the light absorption spectrum of the water.

    The result was clear-cut: our card consistently demonstrated a shift in the light absorption spectrum of the water towards the ultraviolet region. In contrast, water exposed to the plain cards showed random and insignificant changes, whereas the instrument from the other group consistently shifted the light absorption spectrum of the water towards the infrared region.

    We have always maintained that Informative Fields convey information rather than “energy”. The recipient of this information, in this case water, then produces the necessary changes. This suggests the existence of a sort of “intelligence” present in all things, which we refer to as the “Etheric Field”, with which Informative Fields interact.

    Informative Fields and Hearing Ability

    Another experiment, which yielded surprising and unexpected results, was conducted in 2001 by a collaborator along with a doctor at a hospital in Italy, back when F-Aurea was known as F-Live. The aim of the experiment was to observe any changes in a volunteer’s hearing ability. The test was carried out by measuring otoacoustic emissions, which reflect the ability to perceive sounds, under two different conditions.

    Initially, the hearing ability was measured with a normal mobile phone held to the volunteer’s ear. Subsequently, the measurement was repeated with a simple PVC card, on which an Informative Field had been created and stabilised, placed on the mobile phone held to the ear. This Informative Field was designed in a straightforward manner to cleanse and harmonise the ether, which had been irritated and made dissonant by electromagnetic pollution, making it compatible with “human vital force.”

    The results, as shown in the photograph below, indicated no change in hearing ability with just the mobile phone held to the ear. In contrast, a noticeable improvement in hearing ability in the left ear was recorded when the card with the Informative Field was placed on the mobile phone.

    To the left, image of otoacoustic emissions test without cellphone. In the center with cellphone. To the right with cellphone with a card applying an F-Aurea Information Field.

    Ricalibrazione Planetaria ® and Posture

    A more recent experiment involved the practice of Ricalibrazione Planetaria. A group of new students, who had been practising for about a month, were examined using a stabilometric platform by a biomedical engineer. The stabilometric platform is used to display, via a computer, how a person distributes their body weight and to analyse potential balance or posture issues. It is commonly utilised in medical physiotherapy as well as in sports science.

    The students then engaged in the meditative practice of Recalibration for 10 minutes. Specifically, they channelled the Etheric Forces of certain celestial bodies into their spines and used an Informative Field specifically created to facilitate the meditation. The result was that, to the engineer’s astonishment, their posture significantly corrected and straightened as measured by the platform.

    It is interesting to note the spontaneous response of the body to a meditative practice involving the so-called Etheric Forces of Celestial Bodies. The meditation was not aimed at specifically “changing” or “healing” the spine in any direct manner, but rather a simpler form of meditation based on invoking and maintaining within oneself what we define as the Etheric Force of celestial bodies, combined with our Informative Fields. This suggests that there exists an innate order within the body, or more precisely within the Etheric Field of the body, which under certain conditions can be partially restored or enhanced.

    It is important to remember, however, that what we offer as Planetary Recalibration®, F-Aurea, and Informative Fields is not intended to replace medical or psychiatric therapies. These practices are holistic approaches, forms of theurgic and etheric meditation, dedicated to natural well-being and the rediscovery of the essence of the human being.

    Experiments Conducted with Non-Conventional and Frontier Technologies

    Over the years, we have conducted experiments using numerous devices created by “alternative” scientists. Although such instruments are generally considered pseudoscience, the data they provide is nonetheless interesting. These technologies typically originated in the 1970s, but it wasn’t until after 2000 that they became more widely disseminated. In the case of the two devices mentioned, there are seemingly scientific documents from Russia that discuss them, including hospital reports, university experiments, and medical conferences.

    We have used these devices to observe any changes in state, measuring ourselves and our students before and after practising Planetary Recalibration and using F-Aurea Informative Fields.

    Ricalibrazione Planetaria® and Bio-Well

    The Bio-Well is a device developed by Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov, a Russian professor in computer science and biophysics. It is a modern evolution of the ancient Kirlian Camera and seems capable of detecting certain parameters related to a person’s overall vitality, particularly what Korotkov calls biophotons.

    In our view, the main drawback of the Bio-Well is that it provides few overall values and is extremely sensitive. The measured parameters tend to change easily based on the person’s mood and state. For this reason, during its use, we performed a preliminary scan and then, after the practice of Recalibration and the use of Informative Fields, we repeated the scans an average of three to five times. This procedure allowed us to determine which parameters the device consistently detected as stable. We repeated the test many times to identify the stable parameters, i.e., those consistently detected by the device.

    If a device provides parameters that constantly change with each reading, even when taken just a few seconds apart, it is evident that something is amiss: either the device is not functioning correctly, or it is so sensitive that even a minimal variation in room temperature affects the readings, rendering it useless.

    From this perspective, the Bio-Well proved to be a middle ground: it did indeed show that the measured parameters changed after the practices, but due to its sensitivity, it was necessary to repeat the tests multiple times to verify the stability of the results.

    We also conducted experiments with the Bio-Well on other forms of meditation, including ThetaHealing, consistently checking the volunteer’s parameters before and after the practice. Generally, the device detects an increase in relaxation, a decrease in tension, and an increase in mental clarity. Below is a summary extract of the documentation provided by the Bio-Well, showing scans performed before and after a session with F-Aurea Informative Fields. It is important to remember that both the Bio-Well and the work of F-Aurea Informative Fields are aimed at the sphere of well-being and vitality and do not constitute a medical substitute or a form of diagnosis.

    References: [Bio-Well](

    Informative Fields and 9D NLS Bioplasm

    What I refer to as 9D NLS Bioplasm is a comprehensive series of instruments, all variations of the same device. It is marketed in different versions in China and Russia and imported into some European countries under various names and costs, including 3D NLS, Metatron NLS, Hunter NLS, Biophilia NLS, etc. The NLS technology uses electromagnetic frequencies to detect vital force parameters in individuals, then interprets them according to its internal database. Again, I remind you that these devices are considered pseudoscience in the West.

    What surprised us about this device is that using three machines from different manufacturers on the same subject produced almost identical results, with only minimal variations. This makes it, in our eyes, a very stable instrument. If its measurements were random, it would be inexplicable how three different devices, with three different software systems but based on the same concept, would provide almost identical results.

    However, these devices are quite difficult to use, as they generate many false positives and false negatives, which must then be filtered by specially trained personnel, something the machine does not do automatically. Nonetheless, even in this case, the tests showed that vital parameters generally tend to improve after a Recalibration practice with F-Aurea Informative Fields and with regular meditation. It is important to note that we are talking about an increase in vitality, hence well-being, not miraculous cures.

    Conclusions on Alternative and Frontier Technologies

    The tests conducted with Biowell and NLS Bioplasm have demonstrated their ability to detect changes in state among practitioners of Planetary Recalibration® and users of F-Aurea Informative Fields.

    There are two hypotheses to consider:

    1. These instruments are partly capable of measuring “something” and can detect changes induced by our practices and etheric tools.

    2. These instruments provide entirely random values.

    It must be noted that in all experiments, even using our own perceptual methods, we observed and measured the etheric field of practitioners, finding consistent correspondence with what was detected by the aforementioned devices. If the second hypothesis were true, it would be difficult to explain why our etheric perception aligns with the results from these instruments.

    My conclusion is that such instruments, along with many others, are only partially effective. Some require use by individuals with adequate training; otherwise, the instrument may not function correctly, and the data may not be comprehensible or could even be misinterpreted. Others, like the Biowell, are simply too sensitive to provide reliable data. In essence, as Galileo famously said, “And yet it moves!”—these instruments indicate movement in both directions, but further investigation is needed.

    From our perspective, we have no interest in being considered a “healing” practice, as our aim is to provide tools and practices that empower practitioners to reclaim their own power, gain inner clarity, ability to act, change, and grow, and the capacity to feel and understand autonomously the direction in which to steer their lives.

    Experiment with Quantum Dots

    Another intriguing experiment was conducted by Francesco in collaboration with a researcher specialised in Quantum Dots, which are microscopic crystals capable of absorbing specific wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. Quantum Dots can be literally programmed with an electromagnetic frequency using lasers, such as the frequency of a remedy. They appear capable, when energised by physical energy like heat or sunlight, of re-emitting this programmed frequency, potentially finding applications in medical fields. However, the duration of the programmed information within Quantum Dots seems to be limited over time.

    The experiment involved measuring a group of Quantum Dots programmed with the frequency of ozone, confirmed by laboratory instruments. Francesco Verticchio then created an Informative Field on the same Quantum Dots containing an etheric replica of the ozone’s Etheric Field. The subsequent measurement was expected to show no change—bearing in mind that all known tests are capable of observing the effects of Etheric Forces, also known as Subtle Energies, despite no one having yet seen such forces or energies under a microscope. However, much to our surprise, we were informed that the instruments detected not one, but two parallel frequencies in the analysed Quantum Dots. The second frequency could only be the electromagnetic manifestation of the Etheric Field of ozone introduced by Francesco.

    Nevertheless, this discovery did not lead to further developments, but it spurred us to continue on the path we had embarked upon—to make Informative Fields increasingly effective and capable of interacting with the environment.

    Psychics and Astrologers

    What happens when holistic practitioners from entirely different schools analyze our practices? Specifically, we’re referring to practitioners who have developed the art of measuring what we call etheric forces. They constitute a niche sector, few in number, and often resistant to novelty. Many of them, when they learn to measure the ether, become aware of deep imbalances that are often mistaken for wellness energies encountered in normal cases, or even in cases of total ineffectiveness. However, when our fields are measured, they consistently leave these practitioners astonished.

    One such testimonial comes from P.O., an architect with extensive experience in Recalibration, who has worked multiple times with Recalibration methods on both classical astrology natal charts and Jyotish astrology (Hindu Vedic). One day, she visited an operator who knew nothing about what she had done nor about Recalibration. This operator, trained as an astrologer and radiesthetist, first calculated the natal chart as per classical astrology norms, then used dowsing and radiesthesia methods to measure the actual influence and potency of the negativity in the calculated natal chart. To the operator’s utmost surprise, P.O. showed to be completely devoid of negativity in the natal chart, even though negativity could be calculated based on her birth date.

    When another operator, unaware of your work or what you have done, confirms your actions, perhaps it signifies that we are moving in the right direction. In other words: “And yet it moves!”

    It’s also important to highlight that the best test is not provided by students you have trained yourself, but by individuals completely outside your circle. The worst test is the one given by a student, filled with gratitude and respect, to the teacher. It’s unlikely to be objective. To objectively evaluate a method, it’s necessary to see it from an external perspective. This quality, seeing oneself in the mirror with honesty, is what we seek to cultivate in Recalibration students through various meditation practices and with Informative Fields.


    However, we are not exempt from criticism. Over the years, some individuals, mainly practitioners who initially engaged with our methods but later distanced themselves, have reported that the Information Fields are “too fast,” “take away control,” and “grant too much power,” leaving these individuals startled by the profound impact of the Fields. Nevertheless, for us, this serves as strong validation because it aligns with our mission: to create tools that restore genuine and healthy power to practitioners, helping them surpass their own limitations and become true catalysts for effective, profound, and lasting change.

    Many practices, despite their effectiveness, are inherently limited by the practitioner’s mind, which dictates their efficacy. Conversely, we aim to develop tools that enable us to transcend our own limitations, prioritizing speed in doing so. Of course, this is always done while maintaining rigorous safety parameters; everything within our Fields operates in complete harmony with those who use them. Do they take away control? No, they dispel the illusion of control and aid in releasing the superfluous, the debris of the mind, allowing the divine essence inherent in each of us to emerge, complemented by meditative, theurgical, and awareness practices.

    Regarding the critique about power, it should be dismissed. We live in a society that often fears individual power—the healthy kind that stems from COR, a Latin word that can be translated as virtue, heart, sentiment. Conversely, this society seems intent on instilling fear, demeaning humanity, stripping it of dignity by educating in falsehoods, convincing people that relinquishing power—for instance, by entrusting others with life decisions—is righteous. If there exists a spiritual healing, as some advocate in the realms of holistic and Eastern arts, it arises from reclaiming one’s power. As in the famous saying, “Human beings are material gods who have forgotten their true nature, believing themselves to be dust lost in the oblivion of senses, when in fact, that dust is made of stars.”