When a symbol decays and is rewritten: Etheric Analysis of the Ankh. Part I

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    About Symbol and their etherical effects (not the meanings)

    When we talk about the meaning of symbols, I always get a knot in my heart. But what I care about other than their meaning, is the effects that are useful or not and the understanding. Whether it is healthy to use them or whether it is better to stay away from them.

    There is one case among many that concerns the Egyptian cross or Ankh. Some consider it a symbol bringer of well-being, even capable of raising positive vibrations in the home. In fact, it seems that measuring it in the Bovis scale the Ankh has a high spiritual energy. Now it must be said that the Bovis scale is an old method for measuring subtle energies. Based on a misconception, that is, that negative energies are at the bottom of the scale, in the middle those compatible with life, and at the top the spiritual ones. What it measures is the range in which the frequency of what you observe extends. Personally I find it very useful for measuring land and houses, but then it must be studied in depth with further measurements.

    The measurement scale we use instead takes into consideration both the quantity of ether consonant (positive energy, whatever you want) and dissonant (negative energy) dimension by dimension. As beautiful and ugly energies you can find them both close together that are far from matter. We also look at the etheric quality, which is another argument all together, but let’s go in order.

    Etheric Analysis of Symbols and Experimental Method

    When we analyse a symbol there are three tests that must always be done.

    1) Analyse the etheric field of the symbol (its energy, if you prefer) here and now. Then analyse the various versions, as we don’t know which one is the “original” one if there is one, and we don’t know which of them has the best qualities.

    2) Analyse his Archetype. This corresponds to its essence, you can grasp it going beyond the collective unconscious. It’s what Malcom Rae defined as a Subtle Vibratory Feature. The unique and unrepeatable signature of a substance, or even idea. I posted a video on Rae, one of the fathers of Radionics at this youtube LINK (sorry for now it is only in Italian language).

    3) Analyse the same symbol back in time, preferably using two special dates. First is any year of the 1800s. This is because it was the era in which esotericism Western culture merged with Eastern spiritual culture, spiritualism was born, and symbols, practices and doctrines were disseminated publicly. Much of what we read today was born in those years. The second date, however, must be chosen when the culture that created this symbol was at its own peak, or at least it was still thriving. If you want to be picky you can also test one date in which this culture had just decayed.

    The test should be carried out with detachment and curiosity if possible, as the thought forms that we project (expectations, desires, beliefs…) also influence heavily. if a group of students who love You will takes the test in your presence,it will not be valid because they will be easily influenced by your thought forms. If they do it at their home, away from you and your field (by the physical emanation of your energy) will be less influenced. But the most important if the test is given to you by other colleagues in the field, always though as long as they test away from you, as in physical presence, it is easy to influence the result.

    It would then be useful to do a minimum of self-testing on one’s etheric field before starting as if you lack rooting (absence of telluric axis) it will be easy for you to be lost in the mental. If the celestial axis is missing you are listening to hallucinations and intestinal parasites, not the energies. If the heart field is fractured, or injured, you will filter everything with the pain you are now in living.. If the right hemisphere predominates with its field and the field of the left hemisphere is absent you are probably lost in a trip

    In short, there are many points to take into consideration if we want these tests have at least a minimum of credibility.

    Ankh Analysis Results

    1) Analysis in the present moment. If you measure the Ankh here and now you can see how there are many copies that seem to have few effects, while one stands out among all. His field appears clearly celestial, the telluric is almost completely missing (it does not take root). It seems like a portal to other worlds, it seems to lead with a channel elsewhere in the celestial, in the worlds spiritual. However, it is also full of thought forms, of many psychic projections. If you look at the dimensions (classic model) only the first three dimensions manifest some effects, then the symbol freezes than vanishes.

    In short, it appears as something positive but heavily influenced by the unconscious collective and dirtied by the projections created there.

    2) Analysis of the archetype. However, if we look at its archetype beyond the collective unconscious it doesn’t seem to exist. Personally what I pick up is the echo of a field, dusty and consumed, as if it had ceased to exist.

    3) Analysis over time. What is surprising, however, is the analysis back in time. In 1800 the symbol field looks completely different, as if it had been rediscovered by some “magician” who used it together with Western ritual forms, in less than clean ways. That what is striking is that the etheric imprint of such a person is clearly perceivable.

    Note. When we create or channel a symbol, a mantra, a magic word… thing that many do, you have to ask yourself, “yes, but where does it get the energy, the power to work?”. In 99% of cases that source is he or she who uses that symbol or who created or channeled it. If this is the case then his/hers imprint is perceptible within the symbol and so are the etheric channels with which that person feeds the symbol (unconsciously) or is fuelled by it. But the matter is complex and I will limit myself to just mention it.

    A second analysis done going back in time, around 500 BC, shows a completely different nature. The symbol in question becomes a suction pump that removes energy, a real “siphon” that leaves a clear imprint of “death”. How come? AND Is it possible that this symbol was dedicated only to the deceased and not to the living? Or is it because at that time ancient Egypt was dominated by the Persians who had established their own puppet rulers? Continuing the analysis, its celestial exists but is dirty, the telluric is blocked, but the central nucleus and its horizontal membrane still exist. We return even back, in 2300 BC, the date in which Egypt was at the height of its splendour. Here you are that the Ankh changes its nature again… this time it appears clearly more balanced almost similar to what some books claim, that is, that it has the function of balancing the sky with the earth. Celestial and telluric appear regular and present, the nucleus is clear.


    This experience raises many questions and some suspicions:

    1. that many symbols take their effects (are informed) by the collective unconscious. More precisely by the culture that creates them. They are therefore only the expression of forms thought.

    2. if these thought forms vanish because they are no longer nourished or because they also change the symbols lose power or worse become a pile of etheric dissonance.

    3. since they are thought forms, it is possible to rewrite them, even appropriate them with an act of etheric piracy. This has historically happened with some techniques, which are been diverted from their origin to no longer feed those who practice them but to give energy to others.

    In the past but still today many wars have been fought on the magical plane and etheric. It is possible that the Persians purposely sealed the strength of the Ankh for take away power from the Egyptian Pharaohs during the wars of that era?

    However this leads us to consider as if the symbol is just a thought form then so be it It’s actually possible to completely rewrite it. And how much the collective unconscious influences such works.

    4. therefore secrecy would be fundamental for those who operate with mere thought forms. In how much these can be rewritten and controlled. What if you don’t operate with thought forms, but with something more?