When a symbol decays and is rewritten: Part II

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    Let us now delve deeper into two or three points that were barely mentioned in the previous article.
    That is to say:

    1. Real “magical” wars have been fought in the past to take power away from people opponents, for example by deflecting or blocking their symbols. It is also done in present?

    2. There are symbols and forces that do not change and are not diverted as the time? So something that is not a mere human thought form?
    We will delve into these two points in a short while, in the meantime I will make two small clarifications: In the previous article we talked about thought forms and we analysed a symbol is the Ansata Cross or Ankh. And we have observed how it has changed effects over time.

    In this regard, I am asked whether it is healthy to use the Ankh as a symbol. The answer is simple: Guys, I never said not to use it – but to know its nature, and understand what gives them power. This way you will understand if it is right for you or not, and in which cases it should be used and in which cases it should not be used.

    I then remind you,r not to believe what I write, but to verify and test it yourself, using any etheric analysis methods of your knowledge.

    However, there is a small precaution to take into consideration when we test a symbol, a drawing, a geometric figure to understand its possible effects. A simple drawing has no etheric effects. It is simply a collection of lines, shapes and colours. The effects arise because it is our personal “energy” that activates this symbol. And this opens up the risk that we are the ones who influence the result and create the effect we want to see.

    The hidden risk is precisely that of remaining closely tied to what we create or to what we do to whom we give power. This is a lesson that was explained to me when I was a kid I was studying radionics (historic discipline that uses geometric and other designs for healing purposes more modern findings), then confirmed by my personal experiences. If the tool that uses, symbol, geometric figure, etc.. it has no effects of its own but you are the one who gives them to it, even if so 1% then this takes from you. Or use you to clean when the instrument field it becomes overloaded with ether and dissonant thought forms. If you are trained and fit then functions, but there is a limit after which your personal life force collapses in the attempt support all the symbols you have created. This is the often denied sad story of why many operators and even some disciplines (no, I won’t name names,so don’t ask) have energy drops to say the least.

    However, some symbols and figures somehow carry their own etheric field, partially or entirely independent of our psychic projections and vital force.

    In the first case we talk about shape wave effect, that is, we say that the drawing has only effects if it receives the energy to function from the operator. But we are now interested in the second case, that of symbols that have an effect as such.

    And as seen in the previous article, almost all symbols have effects as it is the expression of the thought forms of the culture that created them. So the beings humans can, over time, give symbols the power to generate effects. And these are the expression of what we as human beings have projected over time into those symbols.

    For example, let’s take the swastika… If we analyse it, what do we find? Before Nazism it was a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Is it still? This is quite a test from be able to do as the swastika is still widely used in much of the East as a beneficial symbol. Have its effects been overwritten? Have they been diverted or polluted? Has she remained intact? But I repeat, don’t answer with your head or with logic instead become neutral observers as much as you can, recognise your desires and impulses they say “I know – I’m right – it’s bound to be like this” etc.. take all your time is needed, and analyse the swastika field to find out.